Family Fun

Loving the stories of the Bible

Children learn about faith from their parents. Through authentically sharing your love for the Bible, you can help your child connect with you. Long discussions are not necessary. From time to time, share what you love about the Bible in a relaxed way. Find times when you are feeling calm and connected with each other. For instance:

  • Tell children about a Bible character you enjoy reading about and why.
  • Tell children what your favorite verse is and post this verse on a mirror or refrigerator. Point to the verse and read it to them.
  • Read to your child from a children’s Bible that you enjoy reading.
  • Share your own Bible, and let your child see you reading from it.

Praying with Children

Finger prayer

God knows us very well. Look at your hands and fingers and think about how well God knows you. As you pray, “draw” on one hand with the pad of a finger from the other hand, making shapes, patterns, or swirls.

Praying with others

Young children may worry about people they know who are sick or in trouble. When you know of people in need of help, consider simple ways your family could help, and take time to pray for people who may be sad, lonely, or far from home. Make this prayer practice more concrete for your children by touching one finger per person as you name people whom you are praying for. Then lift your hands up to God to offer these prayers for help.

Hand prayer art

Trace your child’s hand on a piece of paper. With your child’s input, write or draw a prayer request on each finger. Then work together to color in the space around the hand and on each finger.